Travelling sustainably through the Alps

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Picture 1/Title: “Freedom” Hiking up to Ramolhaus from Obergurgl in Tyrol while enjoying the freedom of independent traveling that allowed me to find my pace, choose the path that appealed to me the most and stop to admire nature whenever I wanted to. Picture 2: “Starry Night” This picture was taken on the ride to […]

Picture 1/Title: Four gradients “Four gradients” was shot near Kranjska Gora ( at the dry riverbed of “Pisnica River”. Normally, this place is at least halfway flooded during late summer, but due to ongoing climate stress and less rain in the summer months, in 2021 this riverbed was almost completely dry, leaving the scene with […]

Often when I admire you, crystal clear,  the struggles of the path dissolve  in the immensity of the rippled sky,  lying gently on your clear waters.   Twice I admire the stars and the curve of the moon; in the innocent night my gaze is lost  in the silent darkness, while you lull my spirit,  […]

Majestic the gelid glacier, in front of the helpless gaze of the frail larch, every breath of life ices up. The barren rocks torment  the thin roots of the survivor. The whipping winds torture the knobby arms and the deciduous needles.  Impassive the millenary peaks show themselves  to the weary and troubled spirit.   Majestic […]

A ghost stands out in the motionless sky, where white flocks float.  A ghost rises up pallid in the distance, inaccessible witness since the dawn of time. A ghost overlooks, majestic, the tiny village, while the sunlight rests on its slopes. A dark wall of houses stops my gaze  and, above, the sharp outline of […]

A film shot of my love,  taken just before a new adventure in the mountains. The pic was taken in La Thuile early in the morning. One was taken mid lunch with Mont Blanc. The second one is 2 days into our 4 day trek, looking back on Mont Blanc.   Pictures by Jan Mihevc

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