Travelling sustainably through the Alps

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Image 1: Contemplative hiker facing the Mont Blanc massif. // Photo taken during a trek above Courmayeur (Italy) Image 2: Peaceful coexistence of summer and winter. // Photo of the Usselettes Lakes (Italy) Image 3: The definition of paradise. // Photo of the Mont Bland and the rutor torrent (Italy).   Pictures by Elise Bouhelier […]

First text MountainSpirit Adolescent: „I want to see the world!“ Grandmother: „So go and travel, by train, by bike in a slow way. Speak with people all over the world. Go in the mountains and take them as your adventure park.“ Adolescent: „Yeah, I will see. I won a ticket from Yoalin, so let´s experience […]

The three pictures were taken during our trip through the mountains in Switzerland and France by bike. We felt the freedom, saw a lot of beautiful landscape and enjoyed the nature. Pictures by Elisabeth Steiner & Sophia Fischnaller   Image 1: On the Rhone Glacier in Switzerland Image 2: In the wildness on the border […]

I was hiking around the Eibsee lake in Southern Germany, enjoying the landscape and the view on the Bavarian Alps and on the crystal blue waters of the lake. This little butterfly was flying around me and finally settled on my hand. I immediately stopped moving, too afraid that it would scare the butterfly and […]

Like a sun in the middle of the mountain, I shine for those who pass, I shine for the ones in need, I shine the love I have for you.   2nd & 3rd picture Moonwalking: The picture was taken on the col de Susanfe near la Haute cime des dents du midi, VS, Switzerland […]

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