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Past Events

As the spirit of the Yoalin community continues to thrive, we were delighted to invite all Yoalin travellers to a series of Winter HUB events

  • Winter Hub 1 in the scenic city of Innsbruck, 2nd December 2023
  • Winter Hub 2 in the vibrant city of Ljubljana, 7th December 2023
  • Winter Hub 3 in the Alpine town of the year Bolzano

Final Event 2023

October 2023 Bern / Switzerland  What a weekend we spent in Bern for our closing event of this year’s YOALIN edition. More than 50 people – travellers and ambassadors, organisers and supporters – came together to share memories of their journeys, talk about climate friendly travel, spin new ideas for the project and to just have fun together with games, silly dances, food & drinks and a dip in the Aare river. Thanks to all participants for joining us and the Federal Office for Spatial Development ARE for the generous invitation!

Kick Off 2023

June 2023
Bohinj / Slovenia

We started this year’s edition of YOALIN for the first time in beautiful Slovenia! We met some ambassadors in Nova Gorica and cycled along the existing rail connection with missing railway service to Gorizia (IT). We used project syngeries with the PRC (Soča Valley Development Centre) and talked with representatives about the importance of functioning, crossborder train connections to Italy and around the Alps.
On Saturday all of the 50 participants got to know each other, heard about the project and exciting travel stories from our ambassadors. Some travel planning was not to be missed as well, and we had lots of fun in the afternoon with a scavenger hunt. Kayaking, SUP and biking on and around the Bohinj lake on Sunday was the perfect finish for the event.

Final event 2022

October 2022
Bern / Switzerland

This year’s edition of YOALIN found a perfect finish in the beautiful city of Bern. More than 50 Yoalin travellers, ambassadors and organisers came together to explore the city, talk about their experiences during the summer and to discuss important topics like mobility and climate protection. We had loads of fun and games, great talks and exchanges and good food and thank especially the Swiss Federal Office for Spatial Development (ARE) for co-organising and hosting the event.

Kick Off 2022

24-26 June 2022
Landeck / Austria

Over 50 Yoalin travellers and ambassadors met from Friday to Saturday In Landeck to get to know each other, learn more about the project and get some idas and inspirations for their travels. After arriving and having dinner on Friday evening, Stephan Tischler from CIPRA Austria / university of Innsbruck gave an input on Mobility in the Alps, folowed by a lively discussion. Saturday morning the organisers gave important information on the project and CIPRAs work. Then the travellers got to know each other a bit better with speed friending. After lunch people could meet at country tables to get inputs and help for their travel planning. Afterwards there was a treasure hunt through Landeck. In the evening, the governor of Tirol, Günther Platter, handed over the 50 Yoalin tickets, which they sponsored, at the ARGE ALP festivities in the city centre. On Sunday a group went to the “Zammer Lochputz”, a impressive gorge near Landeck. 

Closing Event 2021

19 & 20 September 2021
Haus der Begegnung Rennweg 12
Innsbruck / Austria

The Yoalin travellers met on Sunday for an excursion through the town of Innsbruck and dinner together. On Monday this was on the agenda:
Interviews with funding partners, sharing of travel experiences, award ceremony for the contest winners, speed friending, discussion groups (on Digitalisation & mobility, Last Mile, sustainable travel), sum up & outlook. It was great to meet all the travellers, ambassadors, experts and supporters in Innsbruck!

Closing Event 2019

All the yoalin-travelers were invited to the Ceremony of Closure on 27th of September at the Aula Progr and at the Alpine Museum in Bern/CH. We heard stories about the travels, discussed demands on sustainable mobility and celebrated the Youth Alpine Interrail-project together with high ranking officials and politicians. In the evening the winners of the story- and photo-contest were revealed and awarded with prizes.

On 28th of September some of the Yoalin-travellers also had the opportunity to attend the big national Climatestrike in Bern.

Here are some impressions of the closing event:

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