Travelling sustainably through the Alps

What's Yoalin?

This summer 150 selected young people travel sustainably across the Alps by means of public transport. The project Yoalin promotes a more climate-friendly, conscious and affordable mobility in the Alps....


All Yoalin travellers are invited to take part in a photo- and story-contest til September 26th. Six of them – 3 for their pictures, 3 for their texts – will be selected by the jury and given prizes during the closing ceremony in Bern/CH.


We invite Yoalin travellers to do challenges during their travels, document them with a photo or text and use the hashtag #yoalinchallenge on Social media. The travellers who tackles the most challenges wins a prize!

The chance to travel for one entire month and meet so much diversity in so little time, going beyond the ordinary concept of summer holiday, this Youth Alpine Interrail pass would open one million opportunity to discover the Alps travelling from one city to another, from north to south and from east to ovest.

Margherita Ventimiglia Italy

Instead of visiting big European capital and coastal cities this summer you should decide for cheap unforgettable experience, sustainable transport, outdoor activities, breathtaking views and delicious local food in the picturesque Alps.

Ana Plavčak Slovenia

Yoalin is a new way of travelling, a beautiful and dynamic community, an opportunity to gain a different perspective and to be part of something bigger than just an individual summer of travelling.

Nicolas Rodigari Italia

Yoalin is a life-changing experience, not only because you can travel amazing places in a sustainable way and collect tons of beautiful memories, but especially because you will enter in a extremely active and extended community formed by young people coming from all the European countries.

Sofia Farina Italia

Yoalin is getting you out of your comfort zone, but right next door.

Emily Rost France

Yoalin made me feel the urgency to improve the train system. Also, it showed me that youth projects can be implemented, in fact I am currently working to increase youth participating in the Alps.

Natael Fautrat France


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Looking back on YOALIN

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