YOALIN is...

...for me a freeing adventure, showing that travelling by train is fun besides being eco-friendly. And it’s an opportunity to be part of a diverse community of young Europeans supporting each other and learning from each other.

Élise Bouhelier, France

YOALIN is...

... a great community, that shares values on travel and sustainability in the best way, that is with direct experience.

Gaia Cappellini, Italy

Yoalin is...

...about seeing just how far you can go without sacrificing nature along the way.

Tyler Pritchard, USA/France

Sustainable travel...

...means for me: time for myself with the least negative impact on the environment

Valeriia Polozova, Austria

YOALIN is...

... for me a life-changing project. It affected my way of thinking about traveling and gave me motivation to re-think my choices.

Maja Kogovšek, Slovenia

Yoalin is...

...a new way of travelling, a beautiful and dynamic community, an opportunity to gain a different perspective and to be part of something bigger than just an individual summer of travelling.

Nicolas Rodigari, Italia

A full breath...

...to grasp the beauty of the Alpine region and to appreciate the slowness of a train ride! YOALIN helped me to feel even closer to the protection of the Alps and the importance of a responsible living.

Isolde Pedercini, Italy
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