Photo collection – Nadine Tod

Picture 1/Title: “Freedom”
Hiking up to Ramolhaus from Obergurgl in Tyrol while enjoying the freedom of independent traveling that allowed me to find my pace, choose the path that appealed to me the most and stop to admire nature whenever I wanted to.
Picture 2: “Starry Night”
This picture was taken on the ride to my accommodation at Wallersee in Salzburg.
I got to the village of Neumarkt late that evening without any idea where to sleep and was lucky to meet Flo, who offered me to stay at his parents’ farm. After admiring the breathtaking night sky on the way there I woke up in a beautiful rustic wooden house viewing the sunrise over Wallersee.
Picture 3: “Mimicry”
A hummingbird hawk-moth collecting nectar from a willow gentian somewhere in the mountains between Admont and Spital am Phyrn in Styria. After some very exhausting hours of pushing my bike up a mountain pass this lovely bird-like looking insect lifted my mood by reminding me of the beauty of the Alps and why I keep coming back to them at any cost.
Pictures by Nadine Tod