Travelling sustainably through the Alps


From Germany Bielefeld During my YOALIN travels… …I learned a lot, visitet cities and nature, met friends, hiked and enjoyed the peaceful alpine spirit. Sustainable travel means for me… … to travel with open eyes, by means of public transport, ensuring that the cultural and natural environment of the destination is not damaged. It can […]

From Switzerland …Genève et Villarvolard – Fribourg As a “Yoalin ambassador” I support(ed) the project with/by: …I am currently involved in the CIPRA Youth Council (CYC), from which the YOALIN project was originally created. Although I was not part of the CYC when YOALIN was created, I am partly in charge of the AlpTick project, […]

From Italy I am interested in / involved with / actively engaging in… …educating children and adolescents to a sustainable lifestyle, encouraging them to feel a connection with nature and to experience the richness of essentiality. I try to help young people to understand the importance of everyone for a better world and society: we […]

From Italy …Milano, Lombardy During my YOALIN travels I visited… …Salzburg, Wien, Bled and Triglav national park, Lucern, Zermatt, Grenoble, Mercantour Park, Nice. Sustainable travel means for me… …Freedom and future! YOALIN is for me… …a great experience you could make in the alps and an amazing opportunity to step out from your comfort zone! […]

Is from Italy …Bolzano, South Tyrol As a “Yoalin ambassador” I support(ed) the project with/by… …promotion of the project. Am one of the Italian ambassadors of Eusalp Youth Council and am engaged in several projects related to sustainable mobility. YOALIN is for me… …a way through the Alps and meet extraordinary people that have incredible […]

From Slovenija …Žiri, currently living in Ljubljana During my YOALIN travels I visited: …Tyrol, most of Switzerland, Chamonix & Italian provinces of Sondrio and Como. As a “Yoalin ambassador” I support(ed) the project with/by: …spreading the word about the projects, reaching out to local mountaineering associations, helping with ideas, and being part of the participant […]

From Austria …living in Salzburg, but originally from Russia As a “Yoalin ambassador” I support(ed) the project with/by… jury (selection of new participants), meeting YOALIN travelers in Salzburg and showing the city, talking about the project in a podcast from European Solidarity Network. Sustainable travel means for me… …time for myself with the least negative […]

From Italy …Bolzano (South Tyrol) and currently living in Turin. My YOALIN travels… …brought me all around the Alpine arch, discovering stunning spots like Zermatt, Thun or Castle Neuschwanstein and places I had never even heard about before like Bled and Oeschinensee. I am interested in / involved with / actively engaging in… …care about […]

From Italy …Chiavenna and currently studying in Spain. During my YOALIN travel… …I visited the alpine region of France (Grenoble, Chambéry, Annecy), Switzerland (Bulle, Bern, Interlaken, Luzern and Zürich) and Austria (Innsbruck, Salzburg and Vienna). I won't ever forget… …getting for my first time alone to a peak in Chamechaude, but the best YOALIN memory […]

Living in France …and born in the USA My favourite memory of my YOALIN travel… …was watching the sunrise over Surenenpass in Switzerland: warm coffee in hand, mountain goats by my side, and not a person in sight. I currently work… …as an energy engineering intern for Schneider Electric. I hope to use this experience […]

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