From Italy
I am interested in / involved with / actively engaging in...

...educating children and adolescents to a sustainable lifestyle, encouraging them to feel a connection with nature and to experience the richness of essentiality. I try to help young people to understand the importance of everyone for a better world and society: we can do our part. Now I am also involved with a project about the protection of dark skyes and the reduction of light pollution.

Sustainable travel means for me...

...a conscious way to have fun and discover new places. It is a different approach to travel, because it moves away from the frantic rush and the need for immediacy we are used to. Sustainable travel is practical, comfortable and surprising, the best way to appreciate a region or a country. It lets me understand where I am and where I am going, with more awareness about my destinations and my environmental impact.

YOALIN is for me…

...a full breath to grasp the beauty of the Alpine region and to appreciate the slowness of a train ride. This wonderful project makes me feel part of a growing community which believes in a sustainable way to live, a community where you can also find new friends to share experiences with. It is a concrete way to be engaged in the construction of a critical thinking about the environment, it helped me to feel even closer to the protection of the Alps and the importance of a responsible living.


Isolde from Italy

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