lives in Switzerland, Genève et Villarvolard – Fribourg


As a “Yoalin ambassador”

...I am currently involved in the CIPRA Youth Council (CYC), from which the YOALIN project was originally created. Although I was not part of the CYC when YOALIN was created, I am partly in charge of the AlpTick project, which advocates for the creation of a long-term ticket offer that would allow all young people to travel in the entire Alps for a fair price. In short, we want Yoalin to be available for everyone, all year long.

Sustainable travel means for me...

...travelling sustainably is part of a larger philosophy of life centered on the idea of respecting natural slowness. In this perspective, traveling becomes a journey and not just a way of going from A to B. Accepting to go slower than what the modern world is used to, maybe going less far away, using your body as a mean of transportation, giving space for imagination, uncertainty and adventure : this is all part of traveling sustainably.

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Yoalin is for me...

...the best way to open your heart to new perspectives and become part of a beautiful community. In our daily lives, we are so focused on school, work, and practical matters. Yoalin makes you realize how lucky we are to live in the Alpine region and how much of a precious gift it is to be able to enjoy the natural treasures of the Alps. Yoalin is a project in which you can make friends, meet other travelers and go on life-changing adventures.

Castiglione delle Stiviere

Castiglione delle Stiviere