The beauty of travel

Traveling, what an amazing activity. It allows for the discovery of wonderful places, cultures, and foods. Throughout my travels, I met interesting people from around the world. Traveling solo around the Alps is not only a unique opportunity to discover these European countries, it also allows for friendship forging and discovery of other cultures outside of Europe through encounters with fellow travelers.
From exploring German history by visiting Dachau concentration camp to exploring some of the most stunning views in the Alps this trip has been an incredible experience. Incredibly beautiful cities such as Vienna, Graz and many others are sprinkled across Europe. Let’s not forget that the best part of the Alps is not the cities but nature, the unscathed mountain valleys where wilderness still is what it used to be before men disturbed it. Wonderfully preserved mountain valleys, I found on my trip to Valposchiavo CH. The magical train ride on board that Bernina express is worth doing at least once in a lifetime, and you cannot pass by the Valposchiavo without stopping to have a plate of the local Pizzoccheri.

I must thank the entire YOALIN team along with all the sponsors that have allowed this incredible to take place. Allowing a hundred young travelers to freely travel and discover each other country and culture has hopefully inspired us all to try to protect the amazing treasure that is the Alps.

Jeremy Mion