Green Travel in the Colourful Alps💚⛰

I started my journey from Bologna, because I had an international youth meeting there. I took about 2 weeks after that to travel to and around the alps.
My first stop was Nice, where I met up with a friend from Austria that would accompany me on the whole trip. Nice was very special, because there are cliffy coasts (it’s at the outskirts of the Alps) plus breathtaking views of the ocean.
After Nice we went to Annecy, which is at the heart of the French alps. The town center is very unique with its colourful houses and canals and it is located next to (apparently) the cleanest alpine lake. There we met up with a good friend of mine who is from France. We walked around the city center, enjoyed a day at the lake and took in the breathtaking views from the mountains in the back.
From Annecy we went straight to Andermatt in the Swiss alps, where we could stay in the flat of a family friend. This helped us safe money (especially with Switzerland being quite expensive for an Austrian😆) and still let us experience the beauty of Switzerland. After a week in the scenic Andermatt, where we could enjoy some easy hikes and relax with the landscapes at our front door, we took off to Zurich. There we spent the day strolling around the city and sitting by lake Zurich, before we took the night train back to Vienna.
I was surprised as how convenient it is to travel by train, especially in the more mountainous regions and will definitely recommend everyone to take the opportunity to do so!🚞
(During the long train rides I can definitely recommend bringing a book or simple card games. Or just look out of the window and enjoy the views🏔 it definitely never gets boring and is way more fun than taking the plane☺️)