Travelling sustainably through the Alps


You are in the tent or outside and want to play some cards or plan the next day. Unfortunately, your flashlight only gives a narrow cone of light. Take a full bottle of water and fix your lamp so that it shines from the outside into the bottle and you have the most comfortable living […]

You’re hiking, but soon you’ll run out of daylight? To know how much time you have left before the sun goes down, stretch out your arm and count the number of fingers that fit between the horizon and the sun. Each finger means 15 minutes of daylight in our latitudes!

The rolling of clothing has long since proved to be one of the most space-saving packing methods among travellers. In order to get some extra volume, it is also worth filling the cavity in shoes, e.g. with socks. Another space-saving packing method is the proven Ziploc freezer bag packing method: Press all the air out […]

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