Local friend

I was hiking around the Eibsee lake in Southern Germany, enjoying the landscape and the view on the Bavarian Alps and on the crystal blue waters of the lake. This little butterfly was flying around me and finally settled on my hand. I immediately stopped moving, too afraid that it would scare the butterfly and make it fly away. I thought this would only last a couple of seconds but my new friend stayed on my hand for a few minutes, and I managed to take a quick picture: the butterfly on my hand, with the lake in the background. Bavaria is magical, right? A family was hiking on the same path and stopped walking when they saw the butterfly on my hand. They tried to take out their camera to take pictures of this moment as well, but as if they had broken this special meeting between the butterfly and myself, it flew away. I was so surprised, I forgot to make a wish.


Bavarian Express, Analogue Memory

This second picture was taken with an analogue camera. I feel like traveling by train has a vintage vibe and taking pictures of this Yoalin adventure with an old school camera really match with the global atmosphere I had when I traveled. The picture points out the greatness of nature, I had no idea that this kind of place existed in Germany and here we are.

Pictures and story by Kim Sucré