Above, around and across the lake

This series of pictures is dedicated to the beauty of alpine lakes and the cities around them.
First picture: At the very beginning of our journey, the most beautiful place we stumbled upon – Hallstatt. A beautiful boat ride across the lake and you enter the breathtaking (and very narrow) streets of Hallstatt. The houses look like someone was playing tetris when building – they’re all around the hill, overlooking the lake.
Second picture: I have left a piece of my heart in all of the French cities I’ve visited, but the one that really stood out was Annecy. Pretty small town with lots of beautiful streets, where people chill, drink their coffee and eat croissants. I had a feeling like the time has stopped and I only live for the moment. Also, the castle, overlooking the town and lake, offers breathtaking views.
Third picture: We stopped in Interlaken and we took a boat all across the Thunersee. One of the best experiences in my life. On the way, we stopped in many small villages that gave true alpine vibe.