Whimsical Süd Tyrol

What treasures do the Dolomites hold for ye? After a superb train journey using the regional trains to Bolzano, I found myself amongst some of the most stunning mountains I have ever laid eyes upon. What jaw dropping, jagged, rugged beauty! After first going to Lago di Carezza (1), I made my way to the Rosengarten Dolomites and stayed in a mountain hut. Here I feasted upon some homemade soup and cheese dumplings outside while watching the sun set over the looming crags (2). The next day I set off early to hike, I was alone but never felt lonely as I was often encountering some other welcoming hikers (Servus!!). I could barely keep my jaw off the floor as everything I beheld was the next most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. After reaching the second pass (3), the sky drew dark and I saw lightning and heard thunder. Thankfully I found a cave to hide in, as I was truly in the middle of a thunderstorm. I thought about my prehistoric ancestors and reckoned this was part of their regular life. I dare not leave alone as the way back was exposed. Thankfully, a wonderful old couple passed by and were happy for me to join them. We got to know one another and managed to get through the thunderstorm together. We were full of adrenaline and basically running to the mountain hut. When we finly reached there, we were able to get something hot to drink – they were so kind and bought me a hot chocolate. I felt I was adopted for the day by this lovely couple. After we got down the mountain, we parted ways. I never got their names, but the experience was one I’ll hold close to my heart. The dolomites are incredible, but the people who walk them are even better.

_Rachel Catriona Mellon