Passeggiata in Montagna (Mountain Walk)

La frasca scrocchia
Contro la scarpa
Tic tac piovasco
Scarica fresca

Ruscello scivola
Discesa lambisce
Lontano finisce
All’uscio del mare

È l’ingegno del ragno
Che tra i legni disegna
Sogno che mi accompagna
Passeggiata in Montagna

_Marianna Antonia Inuso


This poem has three stanzas. The first one is composed by pentasyllabic/quinari, the second one by hexasyllabic/senari and the third one by septenary/settenari. The idea is that higher up there are less syllables so verses are shorter, while at the end the verses are longer. This causes, from a phonetic point of view, a wider base with a shorter point, just like a mountain.

Moreover, every stanza has its own onomatopoeia and imagery, so in the first one the sounds are harsh, like the stone of a mountain, like the pointy trees and the rigid weather. In the second one there are fluid phonemes for the fresh water, the soft grass and the peaceful atmosphere. The last stanza is built around the word “montagna”, with this characteristic italian “gn”, common to the word “legno” and “sogno”, so it represents the essence of the mountains, with its woods, its animals and the dreamy dimension linked to it.