Travelling sustainably through the Alps


La frasca scrocchia Contro la scarpa Tic tac piovasco Scarica fresca Ruscello scivola Discesa lambisce Lontano finisce All’uscio del mare È l’ingegno del ragno Che tra i legni disegna Sogno che mi accompagna Passeggiata in Montagna _Marianna Antonia Inuso   This poem has three stanzas. The first one is composed by pentasyllabic/quinari, the second one […]

It’s amazing how our perception of “home” can be tied to places, people or feelings. As we grow older, explore places, meet people and understand ourselves better, something changes in us. The ability to see everything through the eyes of others in all the different possible perspectives makes us read others’ feelings better, see more […]

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