Travelling sustainably through the Alps

August 2022

You love hiking in the Alps? And you always wanted to discover the transalpine hiking trail? Then we challenge you to walk a part of the Via Alpina! Discover the updated red route and choose your route via Photo: (c) Julien Defois – Dolomites leaving the Triglav National Park, Via Alpina Slovenia

Town: Freising / DE The town offers: Restaurants / Bars Rivers / Lakes Cycling Best season to visit: Spring Summer Autumn Sophie: loves hiking is a “Foodie” likes going by bike is engaged for a more sustainable future Sophie will: give ideas what to do in your place guide around the city meet another Yoalin […]

Town: Padova / IT The town offers: Hiking Nightlife Shopping Festivals Other cultural heritage Cycling Restaurants / Bars Museum Best season to visit: Spring Autumn Isolde: loves hiking feels best, when up the highest mountains is a “Foodie” likes cultural travelling likes going by bike is fond of visiting cities likes to discover new places by […]

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