is from Slovenia, currently working in Liechtenstein

During my YOALIN travels...

...I visited Soča valley, Vienna, Bregenz, St. Gallen, Arbon, Friedrichafen, Winterthur, Zürich, Rigi, Brienzer Rothorn, Interlaken, Oschienensee.

My favourite memory

...of my YOALIN travel are the incredible views in the Swiss Alps and enormus Climate demonstration in Bern.

Yoalin is

...for me a life-changing project. It affected my way of thinking about traveling and gave me motivation to re-think my choices. Besides, it is a growing community of young people with similar values and interests, who are prepared to share their time, knowledge and experiences. The project is accompanying me for four years now and am immensely grateful for all opportunities and people I met.

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