Beauty and Power of the Alps

The Alps are one of the greatest natural landmarks, if not the greatest. These mountains are a symbol of resistance by sheer force – still growing every year. Mankind cannot control them or the life within them. Due to the increasing demand in mass tourism and the space to live, the humanity is affecting this monument of the earth. New roads, new cable cars, new hotels shape the Alps of the future. But also railway tracks or dams leave their traces and change the environment forever – for the sole benefit of mankind. Is it? Isn’t that robbing itself? To steal this climate-controlling unit, a pacifying, calming sanctuary and memorial to know one’s rank. Just because there are no immediate consequences does not mean that nothing is to be considered. Taking yourself back may let you see true greatness.

Copyright: Matthias Lang
1 – View from Klatenberghuette
2 – View onto Sass de Putia
3 – Fenced cow in the Italian Alps