A Yoalin in Bodensee

“A Yoalin in Bodensee” is a photo I took “by mistake” while exploring the rocks around the lake, looking for some frogs (alas, not found). There was an airship in the sky and I wanted to pose with it, but I miscalculated the time and this spontaneous image came out instead. I liked it better than the pose, and there is a glimpse of the airship near my arm. I decided to nominate this photo because it shows that spontaneity is fundamental in life to achieve positively unexpected results, which is a bit of the Interrail spirit.

Photo2 “The colourful comfort” and no. 3″ The quiet adventure” are a diptych.

With these two photos, I wanted to represent the different attitudes that people could have towards a journey. One can choose to stay comfortable, to see things from a reassuring distance, and to just enjoy contemplation. But I think that the best perspective is the one immersed in nature, because it’s always better to explore, to be adventurous and to accept eventual discomfort.The most memorable landscapes are the unexpected ones.
_Marianna Antonia Inuso