A better day… the 100 way

How does your ecological footprint look like? Check out “A better day the 100 way” – it is a simple tool by our friends from Kairos to measure your CO2 emissions and help improve your individual lifestyle. It guides you through the jungle of information, data and the complex world of interrelations in an easy and entertaining  way.

Currently, 6.8 kg (15 lbs) is the amount of CO2 each person on this planet may emit on a daily basis by how they live, in order to keep our climate in balance. The tool converts this amount to 100 points. Every single day, each person has 100 points at their disposal. A better day the 100 way is a currency for climatic effects of our lifestyle.

We challenge you to use A better day the 100 way (with the website or the App) for one week and try to you to pull yourself together and start changing your everyday life!

> www.eingutertag.org/en

> Get the App: Android & Apple