Sofia did her Yoalin journey in the summer of 2019 with a great companion, Nicolas. They explored the Alpine arch from the west to east…

Our first stop out of Italy was the amazing Zermatt, in Switzerland. Then we moved along the route of the glacier express up to St Moritz, we spent some time in Graubunden, doing incredible hiking, and concluded our staying in Switzerland with the other famous train, the Bernina express. We arrived in Konstanz and spent some time relaxing there and then moved to Germany passing through the Black Forest. We spent some time in Munich, then went back into the mountains in Garmish to reach Austria. We visited Innsbruck and then moved all the way to the East reaching Vienna and entering Slovenia some days after. After a day in Bled we moved towards the sea and concluded our trip in Pirano.

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There was definitely spontaneity in our trip! We basically never planned the next step the entire time, finding accommodation when already in the train for the following destination. It was pretty exhausting sometimes, but definitely worth it. My favourite food was probably the one we bought near Lake Konstanz, in a small shop where you could buy local fruits and berries with fresh baked bread.

Yoalin has definitely influenced my life. I came into contact (and fell in love) with a special community of people that share my vision of life. It has inspired me to take action for the Alpine region and to actively work to its protection.

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Yoalin is a life-changing experience, not only because you can travel amazing places in a sustainable way and collect tons of beautiful memories, but especially because you will enter in a extremely active and extended community formed by young people coming from all the European countries.

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I am part of the Cipra Youth Council and I continue to collaborate with the Eusalp youth network. I am involved in several realities and groups focused on the protection and safeguard of the alpine region.
The final goal of my projects is to preserve the amazing pristine environment that is the Alpine region, from a natural, social and historical point of view.

«Wherever you go becomes a part of you somehow.»