Travelling sustainably through the Alps

Mäggi Christandl

Town: Prad am Stilfserjoch /(IT)

How to get there: by public transport with the train to Spondinig and then the bus to Lichtenberg

The town offers:

Rock climbing
Rivers / Lakes
Restaurants / Bars

Best season to visit:



loves hiking
feels best, when up the
highest mountains
is fond of climbing/bouldering
can’t await it to go skiing
is a “Foodie”
likes cultural travelling
likes going by bike
is fond of visiting cities
likes to discover new places by their culinary specialities
is engaged for a more sustainable future
is interested in sustainability projects in the Alpine area

Mäggi will:

give ideas what to do in your place
guide around the city
meet another Yoalin for a drink
accommodate another Yoalin over night

Contact Mäggi via Slack or Instagram

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