Travelling sustainably through the Alps


All Yoalin travellers are invited to take part in a photo- and story-contest till September 26th. Six of them – 3 for their pictures, 3 for their texts – will be selected by the jury (former Yoalin-travellers) and given prizes during the closing ceremony in Bern/CH.

Write 1-3 stories

or poems about your Yoalin summer in the Alps and submit them til September 6th...

AND/OR upload 1-3 images

from your travels and a short description, where it was taken!

Win the contest!

- the three best stories and pictures will get a prize!

There will be 3 winners in this contest. These are the terms:

  • We accept 1 – 3 contribution(s) per person
  • All forms are allowed (long & short texts, short stories, articles, comics, poems, haïkus…)
  • Languages: The texts have to be written in French, German, Slovene, Italian or English.
  • The jury of former Yoalin travellers is checking the quality of the writing, creativity, and that you respect the conditions.
  • Comics: drawings will be considered as part of the comics, not as separate elements (see conditions for the photo contest).
  • Disclaimers: Not inciting to violence or discrimination! No strong language! No plagia!


If you have written a story or poem with a specific composition, you can scan it or take a picture and upload this as an image or PDF.

There will be 3 winners in this contest. These are the terms:

  • Up to 3 pictures can be uploaded and will be considered for the contest.
  • Pictures need to be high quality (+200 dpi)
  • Drawings and videos cannot be considered, but we would like to see them as well.
  • Disclaimers: No nudes! Not inciting to violence or discrimination! Consent from all people in the picture! No plagia!
  • The important criteria the jury (former Yoalin travellers) looks for: composition, message, esthetics, subject, originality/creativity, respect these conditions.

Share stories and/or pictures

max. 6 MB
USAGE RIGHTS: By uploading my signature I hereby grant the Youth Alpine Interrail project (represented by CIPRA international) the rights of use for the submitted text and pictures for the use on the website, on social media channels and other publications within the framework of the Youth Alpine Interrail project. CIPRA International is only permitted to pass on the author's / photographer's works to third parties with the author's or photographer's consent.
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