Our gift for the YOALINs: the YOALIN tree!

For 5 years, young people have been travelling through the Alps with YOALIN in a climate-friendly way. To mark this anniversary, we planted a tree. Not a Christmas tree, but an apple tree! It is a symbol for the project. It has been on a journey itself. The “American mother” apple (or “Winterapfel” in German) originally comes from the US, arrived by ship across the ocean to the Austrian Lavanttal in the 19th century, was cultivated there and spread in the Alpine region.

Now we have planted it in the garden of our offices at the Netzwerkstatt Alpen in Schaan in Liechtenstein. Hopefully it will grow well and bear fruit. Just as the YOALIN community has grown over the past five years and borne much fruit: exciting events with special moments, lasting friendships, active Ambassadors who contribute new ideas and great commitment, and two YOALIN travellers who have found a place in the CIPRA team and are continuing to shape the project with us…

We are looking forward to the first apples of the YOALIN tree and warmly invite you to come and visit your tree – and us – at the Netzwerkstatt Alpen. Perhaps there will be apples ripe for tasting, otherwise we offer at least coffee, tea and good conversation.

Your Yoalin team

Magdalena, Maja, Julija and Caroline