Travelling sustainably through the Alps

Karren Cable car

The Karren is a popular meeting point in the region. For one thing, beautiful hiking routes have their starting point here; for another, life is easy at the panoramic restaurant at 976 metres above sea level. Whether you want to go for something to eat or simply enjoy some high-altitude air, the cable car brings you high up above the city rooftops in five minutes, giving you a wonderful view: the entire border triangle Switzerland – Germany – Vorarlberg by day, the sea of lights by night. The first 20 Yoalin participants who come to aha – Jugendinfo Vorarlberg will receive a voucher for a free ride up and down the mountain on the Karren Cable Car Dornbirn.

Special powered by ARGE ALP
Photo: Studio Fasching, Dornbirn Tourismus, Stadtmarketing GmbH

aha Youth Info Vorarlberg
Poststraße 1 – directly at the train station
6850 Dornbirn (Austria)

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