All Yoalin travellers were invited to take part in a photo- and story-contest till September 29th. Six of them – 3 for their pictures, 3 for their texts – will be selected by the jury (former Yoalin-travellers) and given prizes during the closing ceremony in Bern/CH.

There will be 3 winners in this contest. These are the terms:

  • We accept 1 – 3 contribution(s) per person
  • All forms are allowed (long & short texts, short stories, articles, comics, poems, haïkus…)
  • Languages: The texts have to be written in French, German, Slovene, Italian or English.
  • The jury of former Yoalin travellers is checking the quality of the writing, creativity, and that you respect the conditions.
  • Comics: drawings will be considered as part of the comics, not as separate elements (see conditions for the photo contest).
  • Disclaimers: Not inciting to violence or discrimination! No strong language! No plagia!


If you have written a story or poem with a specific composition, you can scan it or take a picture and upload this as an image or PDF.

There will be 3 winners in this contest. These are the terms:

  • Up to 3 pictures can be uploaded and will be considered for the contest.
  • Pictures need to be high quality (+200 dpi)
  • Drawings and videos cannot be considered, but we would like to see them as well.
  • Disclaimers: No nudes! Not inciting to violence or discrimination! Consent from all people in the picture! No plagia!
  • The important criteria the jury (former Yoalin travellers) looks for: composition, message, esthetics, subject, originality/creativity, respect these conditions.